M I N D F U L   L O V I N G :  
​​​​​​​How You Can Have Conscious and Fulfilling Relationships
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Say YES to Inviting
Healthy & Loving Relationships
​​​​​​​​​​​​Into Your Life!​​​​​​​

Journey with me as I guide you through body-based mindfulness practices that support you to settle and ground, drop you into self-love, expand your capacity to be present (even in the difficult moments), and inspire your heart to open wider
​​​​​​​in all of the relationships in your life.  

Deep joy, fulfillment and infinitely loving relationships
are waiting for you.

You will learn in this 7-week course:

  • Simple body-based mindfulness meditations to embodying principles of attention, appreciation, acceptance, affection and allowing in you and your relationships.
  • How to break free from the habits of judging, blaming and living from fear, anger or shame so that you can experience what it is like to respond from love with kindness and true compassion.  We will practice with partners within the group in-session and also during the week to ground these new patterns into ourselves and apply them to our daily lives.
  • Experience the tried and true practices that I’ve personally used to evolve and transform into the highest version of myself and thrive in my relationships.
  • Uncover deep joy, fulfillment and open to infinitely loving relationships.
What People Are Saying...
Francoise B.
I came to Padma with the mission of entering into a loving relationship with a good man; through the work she and I did together I have found it. Padma truly hears what is being said, not just the obvious statements but the truth which lies beneath them. She sees your “growing edge.” She gently guided me through my self-imposed obstacles to be able to recognize and welcome my wonderful love when he showed up. Padma’s qualities as a guide into living mindfully are the best that I have ever found. Do not hesitate to give yourself the gift of her loving presence and attuned perception as you pursue your dreams.
Erik V.
The practices I learned with Padma have been helping me immensely these last years. My heart has really opened and I’ve become skilled at giving and receiving kindness. I’m leaning into the sweet connections I feel with people I meet instead of reeling back with feelings of unworthiness.
Valerie S.

I just want to share how sweet this online course feels, and so right on. I'm amazed how with the video Zoom sessions, I'm feeling connected to everyone with just a few meetings. It really allows us to go deep - it's like there is a safety and convenience with video but at the same time, intimacy.
​​​​​​​This was exactly what I needed.  It feels so fundamental for me and so important! Great to do in a group, too - I'm not alone in my humanness!!

Molly G.
I really enjoyed Padma’s online course because I felt like part of a community of conscious people where I could share very personal and meaningful feelings, and experiences. It’s allowed me to be more vulnerable with my friends, family and loved ones. I have been able to open up to them in a more authentic way and share with them my feelings, wants and needs.
Mindful Loving
with Padma Gordon